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We Guarantee Dependability, Simplicity & Fun
Your customers will not only bring in family and friends to your restaurant but no one will be able to stop talking about how much fun your Birthday Club is.
The Getting To Know You Process

1. We'll have a consultation to find out more about your business. Contact us here.

2. We'll create website pages which will link from your website.  The pages are responsive to all devices. They feature custom forms and welcome videos (branded to you) where customers will sign-up. 

3. We create custom videos and cartoons which customers receive at a fequency you select. All the videos are branded to your business.

4.  The Birthday Club continuously operates with virtually NO work on your part or the need for any additional staff.

5. Customers automatically go through a series of weekly touches which feature your specials, upcoming events, catering options, birthday invites and more.
6. Easily keep track of your numbers with our simple dashboard. Know how many club members came in, how many people they brought with them and how much revenue has been generated at a glance.
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How We Promote Your Birthday Club

1. We send initations directly to local residents by mail all year during the month of their birthday. 

2. Invitations will also show up on the same peoples social media pages during the month of their birthday.

3. We help you generate sign ups from inside your business on a daily basis.

4. Members and sign ups receive consistent updates via email.

5. Geofencing - Use our powerful system which broadcasts invites to people within your geographical area that automatically reach their cell phones.

Our program is available "al a cart". It can be implemented at any budget.  Together we custom create the perfect program that meets your targets and goals.