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Birthday Club Program FAQ
1. Will the Restaurant Birthday Club program work for me?  After a decade we can confidently say "Yes".  It works like a piece of delcious birthday cake when we receive simple follow through from a client. If we can't get a client to do simple things we request it won't.

2. What type of birthday offer should I have?  We have many different options that have been very successful. Durring our intial consultation we can brainstorm together, offer suggestions and come up with a plan Stan.

3. How do I get people to sign up?  Sign ups happen both online and from inside your business. We have discovered it's easier to get existing customers to keep coming back with more people than to always be trying to get new people.

4.  Is the program automated?  Yes. There is no additional work or extra staff needed.  It's set and forget. There are just a few simple processes we will need you to set up in your business.

5.  What type of content does Birthday Club signups receive?  They will receive whatever special offers you deem, information about upcoming events and of course birthday invites. All of the correspondence is highly entertaining. From cartoons to happy birthday welcome videos. Our program is 100% video based all branded to you. 

6. Do you have other creative programs to run in conjunction with our Birthday Club?  Yes. We have a great deal of experience running various customer based marketing programs. We have learned what works and what doesn't. Our clients stay with us because of the success we have brought to them.

7.  Can I cancel anytime?  Yes.

8. Is there additional ongoing support?  Yes. We are here anytime to help you get the most out of what we offer. Your success is our priority.

9. Can myself & staff star in the videos and cartoons that go to customers?  Yes.

* We house some of the top creative people in the industry. 
restaurant birthday club faq